Nasarawa United Boss optimistic of another continental ticket


The chairman of Nasarawa United FC, Abdullahi Ibrahim Osanga, is optimistic of a good season for his team. He spoke about this and more in this interview with Cheke Emmanuel. Excerpts:

What was the state of Nasarawa United at the time you assumed office as chairman.

One thing I would like the public to know is that I was a passenger when I got  elevated as the driver. Nasarawa United was a brand we came 4th in the last season we played continental so the management was up and doing till government felt there was the need to dissolve the management.


The 2019/2020 Nigeria Professional League will commence in few weeks to come how prepared for this season?


Definitely the challenges have been there but let me assure you that if the league kicks-starts tomorrow we are ready because of the experienced crop of players and the technical crew under the leadership of the technical adviser we  have we can even face the Brazilian team we well prepared. We are not afraid because we have quality players. One important thing I would like the public to know is that neither me or any member of the management will not interfere in selecting the players it is absolutely the job of the technical adviser and until when he doesn’t bring result then I will say look you have failed to bring result. What we want is result. What we want is winning.


  So what is your target in the coming season?


My target this season is championship,the least is continental. That is my target and this is achievable.


  How do you intend to work with other members of the management to achieve the set target?


When I came on board the first inaugural meeting was to assign portfolios to all members of the management because Nasarawa United FC under my leadership is not going to be a one man show, if any issue comes up I will refer you to the appropriate person i think that will enable us to work as a team, I told them they should not do another person’s job. No. the Team Manager should not delve into the Technical Adviser’s job and the Welfare person  not interfare with another person’s job and I think with that the work will be easy for us and me too so that the burden will not be much on me. When you delegate responsibilities you will have less stress, less burden.



One big challenge is delay in release of funds by government during matches, how do you intend to surmount this challenge.


I don’t think we will experience that this time around but until when you get to the bridge before you can cross it. But I don’t think this will happen even if it does, we have  option ‘B’ we will always look elsewhere to compliment or solve the problem before going to government but with the pragmatic governor we have all the helm of affairs of the state, i am hopeful that there will be no delay in release of funds to the club for matches.

Sir, are you not worried that the successes of Nasarawa Amazons FC is overshadowing Nasarawa United, how do you intend to change the narrative?


I don’t really want to compare the two teams because we are all working for the state . Amazons’s success is purely their success and the glory goes to the state. I wouldn’t like to compare Amazons with Nasarawa United. We are doing well. We have played challenge cup it was penalty that knocked us out and we came second I think we have stages where you have about 32 clubs competing everybody goes there to win and if you don’t win today you will win tomorrow. There is a popular musician, late Bob Marley said whoever fight and run away lives to fight another day. One day will lift the trophy.


What plans do you have to market Nasarawa United FC to corporate organizations to attract revenue to the club?


We have started talking to companies that are operating from Nasarawa State. They have to contribute. We are talking to banks that are operating here we are talking to some partners and clubs home and abroad, Europe and Asian countries so that when we groomed our players we will be able to sell them to foreign clubs and the club and government will have money. It is going to a different brand all together.


How do you intend to carry along the supporters club and the media?


Media is my constituency and it will never be neglected. We are going to partner with the media, we are going to be friends and partners in progress. The supporters club will be issued identity cards to differentiate them between supporters and the fans so that when there is a problem  at the stadium during matches maybe if there is any case of rough handling of official we can easily identify who did that whether it is the supporters or the fans. We plan to issue supporters club with reflective apron and identification number for easy identification should anything happen.

What is your message to the fans of Nasarawa United FC?


Patience, when they are patient we will get the result. It might be difficult but it is achievable. I call on the fans to be orderly, no abusive words and if whatever happens let people not take laws into their hands by the time we are able to do this we will achieve the desired success.

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