A new dawn as Musa Salihu Iyimogah wins Doma North state Assembly seat

It’s no longer news that Zenith Labour Party ZLP has made history in Nasarawa politics and as a youth I have seen a new moon rising from Doma LGA.
It started like a play when the young Musa Salihu Iyimogah declared his intention to represent Doma North in the state Assembly on the platform of ZLP a little known political party in Nigeria joining force with the Umaru Doma the son of late Aliyu Akwe Doma a former governor of Nasarawa state who was vying for the state number one seat. Musa is a graduate of Arts and Humanities from the Nasarawa State University Keffi and he decided to test his popularity as people may call it and was written off by some political pundits who said he was just going to make up the numbers and probably answer the name A one time state Assembly Aspirant but it wasn’t going to be rather he is currently Member Elect to represent his people in the state Assembly.

Hon. Musa Salihu Iyimogah is a definition of the peoples wish a choice for the youth and a rising hope for future aspiring politicians who at the moment maybe intimidated by the popularity of the incumbent political office holders of their choice position or the largesse being expended by the opponents in the electoral processes.

It could be recalled that recalled that the not too young to run bill was recently passed and signed into law and such bill has benefited Hon. Musa and should also benefit more young people in subsequent polls.

It’s time for the old to go home and rest and allow the youths to become the leaders of Today that they really are because Obi has been a boy and its high time he become recognized and be addressed as a man he has become else he might never have the chance to be called a man even at his old age. The youths constitutes the highest percentage of the total number of registered voters and since elections are won based on highest number of votes gathered in an election why can’t the youths take the bull by the horn and recoup what actually belonged to them and stop playing baby role in every election process and been used as political thugs in disrupting electioneering process and finally been dumped by same old political gladiators who would never use their children to perpetrate such evil acts.

Finally I am calling on the member elect Hon. M S Iyimoga to hit the ground running upon swearing in and prove to the Old politicians that the leadership lies with the Youths and imploy the use of technology in tackling issues of unemployment, governance and development to right a new page in the political Note of our dear Nasarawa State and as we begin a journey into a new political dispensation the youths should start now to join political parties knowing fully well that M S Iyimoga have set the base and broken the jinx for them to follow and explore in other to regain their rightful place in Nigerian politics. Thank you to Hon, Salihu Iyimoga and congratulations on your Victory.


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