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GJSS Adogi, donated by a past serving NYSC Corp member GJSS Adogi, donated by a past serving NYSC Corp member
GJSS Adogi, donated by a past serving NYSC Corp member GJSS Adogi, donated by a past serving NYSC Corp member


An insights to the deplorable state of GSS Adogi



An insights to the deplorable state of GSS Adogi

Few days ago a photo of Government Juniour Secondary School (GJSS) Adogi surfaced online as shared by an NYSC Corp member soliciting for fund to get school chairs for the students with the aim of using it as her CDS project.

Nasarawa Focus took a journey to Adogi to see the state of the school.

The 15Km journey from Lafia/Specialist hospital took us twenty five(25) minutes on tricycle before we arrived at about 08:04am.

As of the time we arrived and left, the school principal was not in her office so we met the vice principal of the school who took us round.

GJSS Adogi has only one block of three classroom occupied by JSS2 & 3 with a small staffroom with worn out chairs that needs urgent attention, one of the teachers who spoke with us without disclosing his identity said “the chairs you see in this school are not from the government, they were donated by an NGO, Shelter Life”

JSS2, GJSS Adogi

The JSS1 has no single chair as we saw them sitting on a mat to learn. It was revealed to us that the building the JSS1 students are using was temporarily given to the school by someone from the community.

We asked “Why are the students sitting on the floor to learn”? “the government has not provided any chairs or desk, we asked the parents to pay money so we can get wood chairs for the newcomers but they are not cooperating” said the vice Principal.

JSS1, GJSS Adogi

It was also gathered that the principal has no office built by the government but occupy one of the offices at the UBEC primary school. From our discovery the school are dependent on support from the PTA and the host community to solve the challenge of shortage of learning materials.

From what we saw, the three classroom block is completely dilapidated with almost all the doors and windows completely damaged.

When we visited the staff room, it was a reverse of what a staff room should be as there were few shaky looking tables and chairs for the staffs to use. The school has a two room dilapidated toilet which is an eyesore with no water and half of the roof blown away by wind.

JSS1 during morning lesson.

Though the JSS1 situation is the most worrisome in the school, that of the JSS 2&3 are not befitting for good teaching and learning as most of them don’t have chairs and tables and had to share seats with their mates.

According to government standard, the average number of students per class should be 30 and maximum of 36 but in GJSS the reverse is the case as the school of over 200 students are squeezed into 4 classrooms averaging 50+ per class which still fall above government recommended standard thereby affecting teaching and learning.

Government Junior Secondary School Adogi needs the attention of the government and Non-governmental organizations in shortest possible time.

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