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“I cant sleep because of the insecurity in Nasarawa/Toto” – Ari



The House of Representatives member representing Nasarawa/Toto federal constituency, Hon Abdulmumin Muhammed Ari fetes the people of his constituency at the Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa.

In an interview with UJI ABDULLAHI ILIYASU, he talks about his choice of Nasarawa for the party, insecurity and sundry issues in his constituency.


Why did you prefer Nasarawa as venue for your ‘thank you’ party instead of Abuja as many of your colleagues will do?

It is not the Abuja people who elected me. It is the people of my constituency that elected me. You imagine that a woman who has no money can trek to the venue of our party. It is best to always identify with people who voted for you. If I want do the thank you I would do it to the teeming populace or voters who voted for me not a selected few who are opportune to be in Abuja or can afford to go there. A person who has only N50 can take okada to come down to the venue here to celebrate with us. I want to carry all my constituents along so that we can share views together. I want to appreciate them and also to increase our relationship.

What do say about the kidnapping and other crimes in your constituency?

Security challenges are not peculiar to Nasarawa alone. It is a national as well as a global challenge. But let me come down to my constituency. I am not happy about what is happening to my constituency in terms of insecurity of life and property. I am not happy that my brothers and sisters cannot go to their farms; I am not happy that my brothers and sisters cannot go to the bush to rear their cattle; I am not happy that market women cannot go to rural markets in my constituency. My conviction is to submit all things to God. We have to love ourselves and become our brothers’ keepers. Where love exists peace prevails. And again I have to thank the federal government and the Nigerian military and other security agencies for their relentless effort to fight insurgency and violent crimes in the country. I also appreciate Nasarawa state government in its part in ensuring security of life and property in the state.

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How can you take advantage of the inspector general of police who is from Nasarawa state?

I am lucky that the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) is my elder brother, though he is not an Inspector-General of police of Nasarawa state, but for all Nigerians. The Nigeria police are at the scenes of conflict all over Nigeria 24 hours. In all local governments in Nigeria there are police stations to take care of criminal cases and violence or conflict. We shall leverage on that to make sure that my constituency and Nasarawa state are safe. The IGP was appointed based on merit, in that case he is equal to any security challenges that may arise in any state of the federation.

What do you think can unite ethnic and religious groups in your constituency?

We should not allow religion to divide us. We should love one another. We should be our brothers’ keepers.  God knows why he created different religions and ethic groups and keep them together in one place. Peaceful coexistence is also religion. All religions preach peace.

What do you in your leisure?

I love visiting my relatives. I went to Toto local government to celebrate the last Sallah. I love travelling to see my people. You can see that after my election, I have been staying in Nasarawa. I didn’t go to Abuja, away from my people. I love to be with people. When we understand one another we will live peacefully together.

Your reception at the Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa, shows that you love the youth, so how can you deal with the issue of out-of-school children in your constituency?

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I cannot do anything as regards that alone. I will only work together with superior officers to do something to check the challenges.  I cannot solve the problem on my own alone but i can appeal to relevant authorities to make sure almajiri syndrome is eradicated in my constituency. Almajiri issue is one of the major issues the north is contending with, so my constituency won’t stand aloof.

How can the Nineth Assembly ensure cordial relation between it and the executive?

Legislation in the Nineth Assembly is going to be for the good of all Nigerians.  By the grace God the rancour between the executive and the legislature as witnessed in the Eight National Assembly is not going to repeat itself. But this is not to say the Nineth Assembly is going to be a rubber stamp of the executive.  But where there is no conflicting interest between the executive and the legislature, it will be very unpatriotic to create one just to show the independence of the legislature.  We shall make laws that will benefit all Nigerians, especially early passage of budget and other bills that are good for democracy. President Muhammdu Buhari is a man of integrity who deserves the support of all Nigerians, not the legislature alone.

Source: Blueprint

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