3 arrested in connection with Deputy Governor’s attack

The Nigerian police have arrested three persons in connection with the robbery at the Akwanga/Lafia highway that resulted in the death of three of its officers and two civilians and the abdication of one other person.

The Nasarawa state police commissioner Bola Longe disclosed this  in an interview in Lafia, the state capital.

He also revealed that the police has increased security check points along the Akwanga/Lafia highway to dislodge the activities of hoodlums.

According to him, the move became imperative after the recent robbery and the nature of the road which is a narrow path flanked by dangerous bends and surrounded by forests and hills.


Apparently, hoodlums are taking advantage of the nature of the road especially the hills and forests using it as trap to unleash mayhem on unsuspecting commuters as that is the case of the recent incident where over fifty robbers sectioned in three groups blocked the road and carted away valuables.

Terfa Ahar, a commuter confirmed that here is a significant reduction in crime rates on the road especially with the improvement of security presence.

”It is a very difficult problem we are facing on this road especially accidents, robbery but there is more security on the road now especially from Lafia to Akwanga and we appreciate government for this,’he said.

Boniface Orkaa, another commuter who said he has been plying the road since the 70’s expressed his appreciation regarding the security presence.

He also believes that the ongoing dualization and expansion of the road by the federal government will end the nightmares encountered by passengers on the road.

”We really appreciate what has happened in recent times particularly the dualization that is being done, I think that road crashes will be reduced drastically. As per security, it is a welcomed development”

For a busy road that links the northern part of the country to the southern and eastern parts, the rate of accidents is disturbing but Joe Ileje, a bus driver expressed optimism that the ongoing expansion by the federal government will bring relief.

Permanent security checkpoints in addition to aerial surveillance and constant patrols have been instituted by the Nigeria police on the Akwanga/Lafia highway to give commuters a sense of security, even as passengers look forward to the completion dualization and expansion of the road.

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