Wonders they said shall never end, such were the expressions of sympathizers at the residence of a deceased woman simply identified as Mama Aisha along Makurdi road Lafia Nasarawa state last Saturday.

That people are no longer as healthy as they used to be is no longer a new phrase usually used by people trying to caution any person or persons that wanted to engage in a fracas or fight. Such must have been mentioned to either the late woman or her neighbour during the course of their quarell.

Two women of same resident at Makurdi road Lafia were said to have engaged in a quarrel on Friday evening over an issue believed to be money related, according to the information gathered, the quarell lasted for minutes as neighbours tried to intervene in the quarell but both women showed resistance to their interventions and kept throwing abusive words on each other, though it did not degenerate to a fight.

After some while the two women having exhausted their strengths in the quarell each retired to her apartment. The late mama Aisha was said to have set water on fire which she intended using to take her bath for the night, after quarelling she was said to have gone to her kitchen to bring down the pot of water when she slumped and the hot water spilled over her body thereby causing some injuries on some parts of her body.

She was rushed to the hospital by her son and neighbours where she was attended to by the doctor on duty. The matter infuriated the son and he called the police and arrested the mother’s neighbour who was engaged in the quarell with the mother accusing her of pushing the mother into the fire. She was kept in custody despite neighbours bearing her witness that she didint push her, although the police officer in charge of the case said that she was in custody pending when the woman regains consciousness and tell her own Side of the story.

But that was not to ever happen as the unexpected happened in the early hours of Saturday when the woman gave up the ghost in the hospital.

Rumour has it that she was discovered to be hypertensive which was the cause of her slumping and eventual death.

She has since been buried according to Islamic right but her quarell mate is still in custody.

Lesson learned from this is that there are many ways to solve problems and quarelling is not one of them, though they did not fight but the second woman is now in custody who knows what becomes her Faith. Always resist the devil and it will flew away from you thus say the bible, you never know how healthy the person you engage in a quarrel with is. Don’t become a victim of had I know.

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