Tiv association in Nasarawa warns ‘impostors’ against impersonation

The Tiv Development Association (TIDA) in Nasarawa state has warned two of its sons Moses Utondo and Solomon Pevkyaav to steer clear of the Tiv traditional institution in the state in order not to cause trouble amongst the Tiv people in the state.

President of the socio-cultural organisation, Boniface Ifer, gave the warning when briefing journalists Thursday in Lafia,

He said the activities being carried out by two of its sons are inciting and causing division among the Tiv people of Nasarawa state.

“Moses Utondo and Solomon Pevkyaav are not TIDA president; they should accept the reality that they are past TIDA presidents and power is now in the hands of the incumbent president, Boniface Ifer,” he said.

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