Nigerian SDGs Network celebrates 2019 International Youth Day in Nasarawa state.

THE 2019 international Youth Day celebration was celebrated in Nasarawa state Today in an invent hosted by the Nasarawastate chapter of The Nigerian SDG Network at the nurses houses. The invent attracted Youths and dignitaries from the government and the private sector.

This year’s them for Nasarawa state is AMPLIFYING YOUTH VOICES FOR THE SDGS.

In his Keynote address the representative of permanent Secretary ministry of Youth and sports  appreciated the organisers of the event and urged the youths to form cooperative and imbibe the spirit of savings, he also encouraged investment in the agriculture as one of the most sustainable source of income. He pledged the government and the ministry’s readiness to support the youths and key them into the ministry’s plans for the betterment of the youths of the state.

The event featured talks and discussion sessions tagged Breakout Session.

At the break out sessions discussion on some SDGs ( goal 1. Zero hunger, goal 2. No poverty, goal 3. Good health, goal 4. Quality Education, 13. Gender Equality and goal 16. Peace,Justice and strong Institutions) the youths where made to join the group of the SDG  they are aligned with to make discussion on how to achieve the goal in Nasarawa state and the country at large.

During the session the youths identified the problems, challenges and also proffered solutions to the challenges of the SDGs.

In an interview with the state Coordinator Nigerian SDGs Network, he explained that the network is a movement of youths in Nigeria that is pushing for the achievement of the UN SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) by 2030 in Africa. He explained that they have choosed 6 out of the all the SDGs as the main focus because they are the most needed.

He called on the youths of Nasarawa state to come out and join the movement which is non tribal,religion and gender group to make their voices louder in the state and country.

According to him to join the group one has to just be a youth that’s all the requirement to become a member that I to say that by your virtue of being a youth you are automatically a member of Nigerian SDGs Network.

He also call on the government to support the movement to hasten the achievement of the SDGs  by the year 2019.

Some of the youths interviewed expressed their readiness to work towards archiving the SDGs for the betterment of the state and country, they also called on the government to help them financially to enable them lunch their various initiatives which is aimed at bringing solutions to some of the SDGs.

To join the movement search NGSDGNetwork on Facebook.

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