The suggestion was made yesterday in Lafia by Mr. Azige Louis who was infuriated at the level of attacks on farmers in the state by Fulani herdsmen.

Mr. Azige Louis, expressed worry over the Fulani herdsmen incessant attack on farmers in the state. He said that the attack on the farmers by Fulani herdsmen was worrisome. In his words “I am worried over the dimension the attack on farmers have taken in recent times. Governor Almakura has conveyed several peace meetings between the herdsmen and the farmers to ensure peaceful coexistence, but all to no avail.”A situation where herdsmen would invade a farm and their cows eat up the crops belonging to farmers, thereby leaving the farmers helpless, is worrisome.

Azige suggests that if grazing law would end the incidence of farmers-herdsmen crises, then there is nothing wrong in enacting the law.a

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