Nasarawa female Teacher flog Students to injury for not Paying N200 Fee

Nasarawa female Teacher flog Students to injury for not Paying N200 Fee

A female teacher of Government Secondary School Ombi 1 in  Lafia Nasarawa State was caught in a camera flogging her students  of SS1 for alleged non payment of Practical fee of N200.

The incident happened on Friday 5th April, 2019 at the school premise during English Examination.

Our correspondent gathered that the students were been flogged on a daily basis as long as they refused to or are yet to pay. When our correspondent interviewed some of the students, one  of the student by name Adama said that she was flogged because she didn’t pay the N200 practical fee and when questioned further on why they are paying the N200 she said she didn’t know but they told them its for Home Management practical which they never get to do.

Another student told us that he had to pay because he doesn’t want to be flogged. Blessing told us that she just paid that day after weeks of been flogged her mother gave her the money to pay and also write the exam.

Our correspondent reported that a female student was injured on her hand while been flogged by the teacher, according to the girl her parent said they don’t have the money to pay hence she has no option than to bore the pains of been flogged, she complained that the money they’re paying they don’t know what it is used for and that they have been paying such practical fee every term.

A dig into the matte revealed that the students have been paying practical fees from JSS1 and they don’t always engage them in such practical, though it was gathered that the present SS1 Students ones did practical in Home Economics in their JSS3 class but they bought items for the practical themselves even after paying N150 that term for same purpose.

The Students complained that each day if you didn’t pay you will be delayed from writing the Exam and Subsequently flogged and

Also gathered was that the students were flogged 12 to 24 strokes of the cane as the teacher wishes and are flogged both on their hands, buttocks and even body both the males and females.

One of the female student that is yet to pay said that she will ever pay that fee because her mum said that since she has been flogged she will not pay again.

It would be recalled that the Nasarawa State Governments declared free education for all basic education levels from Nursery to Senior Secondary school. Despite Government effort in making school free from fees, most schools are still collecting countless number of fees ranging from PTA levy,Practical levy, Excursion fee etcetera.

This is a call to the Nasarawa State Government through the ministry of Education to wade into this matter and do a thorough investigation and possibly punish offenders.

Attached is a YouTube video link of the incident


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