Hon. Luka Zhekaba dismisses controversy over water project

Hon. Luka Zhekaba, member representing Obi II constituency in Nasarawa State House of Assembly, has dismissed a report that he favoured a location for a water (borehole) project for Atabulu, a community in Obi Local Government Area of the state against the wish of the locals. He dismissed allegation that the community rejected the project because he reneged on a collective agreement by drilling the borehole elsewhere.

He said a thorough investigation was not carried out by the reporter on why a new location was chosen for the water project and that whoever instigated the controversy in the community failed to tarnish his image. The lawmaker said the decision to relocate the project was taken after a thorough geographical survey was done on where adequate water could be gotten. He explained that the location of the project had nothing to do with favouring any of his aides against the collective wish of the community as alleged in the newspaper report. “A borehole is built based on geological survey.

A survey was done and it was revealed that enough water is available in the location we settled for. They dug the borehole and have been able to get water. “But because of selfish and ulterior motives, somebody wants the borehole to be built in his own domain irrespective of whether there is adequate water or not. “The borehole was built in a public property but somebody out of selfish interest wants it built in his own compound which is not supposed to be because it is for public use,” he said. Zhekaba said there was no basis for the alleged controversy since the project was meant to benefit the entire community irrespective of location and the funding for the project was from his personal income. “I am really disappointed. Aside this project, I have completed some others for my people. I have drilled boreholes in Moria, Chakele and Ishugu communities all in my constituency. “I am up and doing to fulfill the promises to my people and no form of blackmail will derail my determination to improve the living standard of my constituents,” he said.

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