Parents Of Conjoined Twins, Seek Public Assistance To undergo Separation.

The  conjoined twins were born to the family of Ukpo Oka and Mrs Tasala, of Udegen Beki, in Udege Development Area in Nasarawa local government of Nasarawa state.

The female conjoined twins were born on the14th April, 2019 at a private hospital after a successful Ciserian Session (CS) on the mother at a private hospital in Nasarawa town.

the twins are joined in their abdomen to the chest and are currently at the amenity ward of FMC Keffi.

As gathered through investigation the nine months old conjoined twins were due for surgery in November last year, but the poor family can’t afford it due to financial constraint.

Senior brother of the twins Mr Isa Ukpo, who spoke on behalf of the parents, said since the conjoined twins were born, they got help from some individuals.

“When they were born we reported to our traditional ruler, the Osu Ajiri, Dr Bala Usman and Nasarawa council chairman”.

“The Osu Ajiri, responded swiftly by assisting us with money and aiding us to be transferred from the hospital in Nasarawa to FMC Keffi, where we have been since last year”

“We also got financial support from Dr Joseph Kigbu, via FMC account and few individuals who are helping us in one way or the other”

“So far we have spent over N800,000 since they were born last year. We are appealing to government and public spirited individuals to assist us for the conjoined twins to be separated” he said.

For assistance contact the twins father on 2348054884300 or the management of FMC Keffi. Alternatively send your donation to the account number 0216862381  ISA UKPO GT BANK

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