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A file photo of Raphael Peter Galleh in a lab. Facebook
A file photo of Raphael Peter Galleh in a lab. Facebook


E2: Oral sex – My Oral Health & I by Raphael P. Galleh



Welcome to My Oral Health and I second episode with Raphael P. Galleh.

In today’s episode of of My Oral Health and I, Mr. Raphael highlights the dangers of oral sex and the possible diseases or infection one can contract through oral sex, either the giver or the receiver.

What is Oral Sex?

Oral sex is when you stimulate your partner’s genitals with your mouth, lips or tongue. This could involve sucking or licking their penis (also called fellatio), vagina, vulva or clitoris (cunnilingus), or anus (anilingus).

What are the possible diseases or infections that comes with Oral Sex?

The most common STIs that can be passed on through oral sex include:

  • herpes
  • gonorrhoea
  • syphilis

Other STIs that are passed through oral sex include:

  • chlamydia
  • genital warts
  • hepatitis A
  • hepatitis B
  • hepatitis C
  • HIV
  • pubic lice

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  1. Emmanuel paul

    June 25, 2020 at 7:38 pm

    This article is very important especially the youth need to learn from this . More grace Dr R.P Galleh

  2. RP Galleh

    June 25, 2020 at 8:19 pm

    Thank you so much for publishing my series on your blog

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