NSUK gave appointments to Igbo,Tiv and Igala for money – Facebook User.

A Facebook User identified as Awwal Musa has claimed that the management staff of the nasarawa state university has given three appointments to none indigenes in the state,Igbo, Tiv and Igala.

In a facebook post Mr Awwal Musa is sad stating that the appointments were done in the absence of the school VC.

“Nasarawa State University was established primarily to cater for the indigines of Nasarawa State. And i believe that almost every state owned institution has the same intent, perhaps with exception of Northwest University in Kano.

But today the non indigines who are not better than the indigines obtain admission and even employment into the institution easily than the indigines.

”The recent appointments for employment that are non academic allegedly given to Igbo, Igala and Tiv by some highly placed persons in the institution in exchange for money” explained it all.

Given the alledged 3 appointments for employment, does it means that in the entire Nasarawa State, nobody, not even a single person is qualified to be giving such employment?

“Although reports reaching us indicated that ”all these were done without the knowledge of the VC as he was away far in London when the unfortunate incidence happened.

“Imagine thousand of qualify graduates who are Nasarawa State indigines seeking for employment every now and then, but only to hear that igbo, Igala and Tiv who are non indigines were presented with appointment letters.

Kudos to the VC as reports indicated that “with his return and having gained the knowledge of such occurrence, he is seriously unhappy over the unfortunate act and is doing everything possible to upturn such a corrupt act committed by those who do not have the interest of the Nasarawa State and its indigines at heart”.

Awwal further recommended that any person involved should be investigated and persecuted.

“I will also wish to recommend that a thorough investigation should be conducted and such highly placed persons should be exposed and punished immediately.”

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